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  • Offering professionals in the oil & gas industry: 提供专业人士在石油和天然气工业:
    • 24/7 technical and commercial market pricing message boards dedicated to artificial lift engineers equipment buyers. • 24 / 7技术商业市场定价留言板致力于人工举升设备工程师买家。 No cost registration. 没有成本登记。 Users may remain anonymous. 用户可保持匿名。
    •Fee based independent third party commercial & technical support for operators when specifying and purchasing variable speed drives. •费为基础的独立的第三方商业及技术支持,为运营商时,明和购买可变速驱动器。 We help oil & gas operators learn to ask OEMs smart questions to help keep you out of trouble, save you on operating expenses, and improve production. Click here to contact us for details. 我们可以帮助石油和天然气的经营者学习,要求OEM厂商的智能问题,以有利于保持你的麻烦,为您节省营运开支,并提高产量。 点击这里联系我们 ,查询详情。
    • Advanced in house or field based VSD training, customized to meet your requirements. •先进的房子或外地基于室间隔缺损的培训,定制,以满足您的要求。 Applications and field service installation and operating experience. 应用和服务领域的安装和运行经验。 Let us know when you'd like your employees to receive training targeted to what's needed. 让我们知道,当你喜欢你的员工接受培训的对象是什么,需要的。 No filler, no nonsense. 没有任何填充物,并没有胡说八道。 Learn to do your job effectively. Click here to contact us , and tell us what training is needed. 学会做你的工作,切实按这里联系我们 ,并告诉我们什么训练是需要的。


    Finally, a single place on the web to go, for artificial lift variable speed drive information and data from engineers and field installation & maintenance experts.最后,一个单一的地方,就在网上去,为人工举升变速传动的资料和数据,由工程师和现场安装与维修专家。 If you're a professional with an oil & gas company, you know the value of learning unbiased data and information from actual endusers like you, without the normal commercial bias that you may get from original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) salesmen.如果您是一位专业人士,是一个石油和天然气公司,你知道的价值,学习的无偏见的数据和资料,从实际出发, endusers像你们一样,没有正常的商业偏见,你可以从原始设备制造商( OEM )在推销员。

    What are some things that make us different?是什么,有些东西,使我们与众不同? Unlike websites from the big name oil service companies, ESPdrives.com links and shares information about ALL manufacturers.不像网站,从大的名字石油服务公司, espdrives.com环节和股票信息, 所有制造商。 Bet you don't see links and information about competitor information on those other oil service company websites!打赌你没有看见联系和信息竞争对手的信息对于其他石油服务公司的网站上!

    When used with VSDs, motors require to be rated for VSD inverter duty.当使用vsds ,马达须额定室间隔缺损逆变税。

    Some considerations include motor operating temperature limits, which in turn means analysis of factors such as ambient temperature and altitude, load requirements and speed range.一些考虑包括电机的运行温度限制,而这又意味着分析的因素,如环境温度和海拔高度,荷载要求和速度范围。

    Ensure the motor is protected from atmospheric contamination.确保电机保护,可避免大气污染。 In addition, understand that motor cables can contribute to performance problems other than the motor insulation voltage stress concerns.此外,了解电机电缆能有助于性能上的问题以外的其他电动机绝缘电压应力的关注。 Other factors include excessive voltage drop between the controller and motor, problems caused by high frequency ground leakage current and problems caused by line-to-line capacitance between the conductors of the motor cable.其他因素包括过量压降之间的控制器和电机,所引起的问题,高频地泄漏电流和问题,所造成的线,以线电容之间导线的电机电缆。

    What else?还有什么? ... ever wonder what the market price is for variable speed controllers?想过什么市场价格为变速控制器? Share your oilfield equipment market information and see what your colleagues and other endusers in the industry have paid, so you know how your last purchase price matches up with other users.分享你的油田设备的市场信息,并看看你的同事们和其他endusers在业内已支付,所以你知道如何您上次购买价格匹配起来,与其他用户。 Registered members are free to post their equipment prices to share with others, or to inquire what price you may expect to pay!注册会员免费发布他们的设备价格,以与他人共享,或询问代价是什么,你可以预期支付! If you're a buyer or an engineer preparing an AFE, you know the value of good historical pricing information to help get your job done well.如果您是买方还是工程师准备一个嵌入AFE的,你知道他们的价值,良好的历史价格信息,以帮助您的工作做得好。

    There's lots more.还有的地段。 When posting your questions on the message board, or sharing your knowledge with others, it's your choice whether you'd like to remain anonymous or provide however much information you wish about who you are for others to see.当张贴你的问题对留言板,或分享你的知识与别人,那是你自己的选择,你是否想保持匿名或提供多少信息,你想对你是谁,好让别人看到的。 Feel secure if you remain anonymous that you won't have some salesman calling on you just because you've posted on a message board or visited a website, like you find with many of those big oil service companies.有安全感,如果你保持匿名,你会不会有一些推销员呼吁刚才你,因为你已经张贴在一个留言板,或访问一个网站一样,你发现很多的那些大石油服务公司。 Did you know that many of them track and monitor your every movement through their website and provide reports to their salesmen about your activity!你知道他们中的许多人进行跟踪和监视你的一举一动,透过他们的网站,并提供报告,以他们的推销员,你的活动! Not at ESPdrives.com - we understand that you value your privacy!不espdrives.com -我们知道你的价值你的隐私!

    About us - who we are. 关于我们-我们是谁。

    ESPdrives.com began operation by veterans of the oil & gas industry, who understand that good information can be hard to get. espdrives.com开始运作,由退伍军人的石油和天然气工业中,他们明白,良好的资讯,可难求。

    Our primary mission in founding ESP Drives.com, - to provide a dedicated place for oil & gas engineers to get together and discuss and share their professional knowledge.我们的首要任务,在建国电除尘器drives.com , -提供一个专门为石油与天然气工程师聚在一起,讨论和分享他们的专业知识。 Our staff and associates each bring over 25 years+ of industry experience with specific engineering and operating ESP system and variable speed drive know-how.我们的工作人员和各联营公司带来超过25年+的行业经验与具体工程,而且操作ESP系统和变速传动技术诀窍。

    Introduction - Variable Speed Drives (Controllers) in the Artificial Lift Electric Submersible Pump industry: 导言-变速驱动器(控制器) ,在人工举升电动潜油泵行业:

    Adding a variable speed drive (VSD) to an ESP system offers several advantages.加入一种变速传动(室间隔缺损) ,以一个ESP系统提供了几种优势。 VSD’s belong to a group of equipment also referred to as adjustable speed drives (ASD), variable frequency drives (VFD) or adjustable frequency drives (AFD).室间隔缺损的同属于一个集团的设备也被称为可调速驱动器( ASD )的,变频驱动器( VFD的)或可调频率驱动器(渔农处) 。 The operating speed of a motor connected to a VSD is varied by changing the frequency of the motor supply voltage.系统运行速度的马达连接着一个室间隔缺损是多种多样,通过改变频率的电动机供电电压。 This allows continuous speed control.这使得连续速度控制。 ESP systems are often designed to handle peak loads that have a safety factor.电除尘系统的初衷往往是为了应付高峰负荷有一个安全因子。 This often leads to energy inefficiency in systems that operate for extended periods at reduced load.这往往导致能源效率低,在系统运行的很长时期,在降低负荷。 The ability to adjust motor speed enables closer matching of motor output to load and often results in energy savings.能调节电机转速,使紧密的配套电动机输出负荷,往往结果在节约能源的方法。

    Does your operation require certification such as UL-508, IEEE 519, EMC Directive, IP, & CE for onsite electrical equipment like VSD's?请问你的运作有需要的认证,如经UL 508 ,兼容IEEE 519 ,电磁兼容指令,知识产权,与行政长官上门电气设备如室间隔缺损的?

    Learn how to ask the right questions and uncover any vendor abnormalities in their certification process, to understand if your ESP equipment supplier is really certified for the equipment they are supplying you.学习如何提出正确的问题,并发现有任何异常的厂商在其认证过程,要了解如果你的电除尘器设备供应商, 实在是认证设备,他们提供您。

    Safety is #1.安全是编号1 。 Don't allow anything but certified equipment on your jobsite.不准许什么,但认证的设备在您jobsite 。

    Example - according to EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) article 10 part 1, the manufacturer is responsible for attaching the CE mark to each unit.例如-根据电磁兼容指令( 8 9/336/eec)第1 0条第1部分,制造商则负责附加C E标志,以各单位。 According to part 2 the manufacturer is responsible for writing and updating the Technical Construction File (TCF), if the TCF route is used.根据第2部分厂商则负责撰写和更新技术工程档案(万亿立方英尺) ,如果无氯航线使用。

    Click here to contact us for more information, and to inquire about our pre-supply award certification and plant inspection services. 点击这里与我们联系了解更多信息,并了解我们的预供应奖励证书和植物检验服务。 Know what you are buying, before you issue that Purchase Order!知道你正在购买,然后你的问题,采购订单!

    How Does a VSD Work?如何确定某个VSD的工作吗?

    Applying a VSD to a specific ESP application is no mystery when you understand the requirements of the load.运用室间隔缺损,以一个具体的电除尘器的应用并不神秘,当你了解有关规定的负载。 Simply put, the VSD must have ample current capability for the motor so that the motor can produce the required torque for the load.简而言之,室间隔缺损,必须有足够的电流处理能力,为汽车,使汽车能产生所需的转矩负载。 You must remember that torque is independent of motor speed and that load horsepower increases linearly with rpm.你必须记住,扭矩是独立的电机转速和负荷马力线性增加,与每分钟转速。

    A thorough understanding of how to match the VSD to the ESP driven load is the key to a successful application.彻底了解如何配合室间隔缺损,以就业带动负载是最关键的一个成功的应用。

    When applied properly, the variable Speed drive (VSD) is the most effective motor controller in the industry today.正确应用时,可变速驱动器(室间隔缺损) ,是最有效的马达控制器在业界今天。 Modern VSD’s are affordable, reliable and have flexibility of control.现代室间隔缺损的是负担得起,可靠和有弹性的管制。

    Electrical power is frequently transmitted to subterranean locations within boreholes to power downhole equipment, such as electrical submersible pumps (ESPs).电力是经常转发给地下位置钻孔,以电力井下设备,如电动潜油泵( esps ) 。 Normally three phase electrical power is transmitted from the surface over cables running between the well casing and the production tubing.通常三相电力传送从地表以上电缆运行之间的套管和生产油管。 In some downhole applications, high voltage electrical power is required.在一些井下应用,高压电力需要。 For example, electrical motors for ESPs may require voltages of 1,000 to 5,000 volts at the surface.例如,电动机为esps可能需要电压为1000年至5000年伏特,在表面上。 However, electrical drives capable of providing output voltages at the required level may not be available, or may not be economical even when available.不过,电驱动器,能够提供输出电压在规定的水平可能不存在,或可能不符合经济原则的时候,甚至可用。 When lower output voltage drives are employed in such situations, typically step-up transformers at the output of the drive are utilized to boost the voltage of power transmitted downhole.当低输出电压驱动器是受雇于在这种情况下,通常步升变压器的输出驱动器,是用来提高电压的功率转发了井下。

    Effects of Power Quality影响电能质量

    Financial consequence : when voltage sags, productivity lags.金融后果:当电压骤降,生产力落后。

    The characteristics of the utility power supply can have a detrimental effect on VSD reliability.特点公用事业的电力供应,才能有不利影响室间隔缺损的可靠性。

    Harmonics produced by the VSD can have an effect on the electrical distribution and the utility system.谐波所产生的室间隔缺损,可以有一个作用,对配电系统和公用工程系统。

    The characteristics of the current & voltage produced by the VSD Inverter can cause motor problems.的特点,当前的电压及所产生的室间隔缺损逆变器可导致电动机的问题。

    Poor power quality as it affects VSD reliability:穷人的电能质量,因为它影响到室间隔缺损的可靠性:
    •Transient Overvoltages •暂态过电压
    •Longer term high voltage •较长期高压
    •Long term low voltage •长期低电压
    •Harmonic and current distortion •谐波电流失真

    Eliminating harmonics from your facility power system is key.消除谐波从你的工厂电力系统是关键。 A special section of the ESPDrive.com message board is dedicated to power quality.专门章节的espdrive.com留言板致力于电能质量。 Click here.点击这里。

    Step-up transformers add to the expense of the system, however, and add additional sources of failure or disturbance to the electrical system.步升变压器放入牺牲系统的,不过,新增的来源衰竭或骚扰电气系统。

    Manufacturers typically cite the following benefits in the use of a VSD:制造商通常会举出以下好处,在使用一种室间隔缺损:

    •The most important is energy savings. •最重要的是节约能源的方法。
    •Accurate control and flexibility of the pump system selected •精确控制和灵活的热泵系统选定
    •Linking to other automation systems •连接至其他自动化系统
    •Reduce stress on electrical supply always start pump motor supply softly with much lower peak current •减少应激对电力供应始终启动水泵电机供应手软低得多峰值电流
    •Harmonics reduced 12, 18 pulse •谐波减少12 , 18脉冲
    •Reasonable investment cost •合理的投资成本;
    •Natural part of control loop - eliminate deadband. •自然的一部分,控制回路-消除死区。
    •Reduce Maintenance Cost - ex: reduce water hammer effects caused by rapid changes in fluid throughput •降低维护成本-异地:降低水锤效应所造成的急剧变化,流体吞吐量

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